My Story

Everything started in 2009 when I was getting ready for my deployment. I kept seeing decals and posters around for this product called Scentsy but I had no idea what it was. I was getting some art work finished two weeks before i left the country when I saw a warmer in the shop. The shop owner was changing the wax out with Blueberry cheesecake. Certainly my puzzled look struck an indepth converstation about Scentsy. Little did I know that his wife was a Consultant. He handed me her business card and I went on my way.

About a month into deployment, I was fed up with smelling 17 stinky men and not being able to burn candles (who does that now a days anyways) so I decided to send her an email. Little did I know that the one warmer would make the men go crazy! Every day they would ask me what I was melting because it would make the whole station smell amazing. I was amazed by how easy and wonderful the Scentsy warmer/wax eliminated the stench! My consultant ended up sending me numerous ammounts of wax which got me hooked. While I was home for RnR I got ahold of my consultant and I ended up hosting a party with all of my friends near and dear. Seeing how easy it was for her to set up the party and explain how everything worked in under 15 minutes was eye opening.

Once I returned home I began looking into Scentsy more and more. I ended up joining the wonderful Scentsy Team July of 2011 and I have never looked back! I am a college student now and everyone knows that a little extra money is wonderful!

What is your Scentsy Story?  What are you looking for? Are you looking  to make some extra money? Do you need to plan your escape? Would you like to come and  hang out and be part of a terrific team of people? I would love to be the one to welcome you to the Scentsy family!